Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NEW COVER REVEAL! "A Heart ... Off Limits"

Revealing a new cover and blurb about a book is almost as exciting to me as the actual release day. For me, it's often the first time anyone other than critique partners and editors learn anything about what I've been working on since I don't usually share many excerpts during the writing process.

Well, guess what? I have another book coming out! The latest in my Holiday Novella Collection (Valentine's Day edition) will release on February 1, 2017. Here's the cover and blurb: 

Rose Quinn has finally met the perfect guy, but there’s a problem. He’s already taken.

As the owner of a small floral shop, Rose meets new guys every day—guys shopping for romantic gifts for girlfriends and wives. Chris Packer is no exception. Twice a week he comes to Rose’s Garden to buy one unique flower for his girlfriend, never duplicating. The more Rose gets to know Chris, the more she finds herself falling for his charms. Not wanting to be ‘the other woman,’ Rose tries to push Chris from her mind and searches for love elsewhere, even giving in to a blind date arranged by an employee.

Will Rose find love somewhere else, or will she win the heart that’s currently off limits?

If you'd like to pre-order a copy of A Heart ... Off Limits, you can do that here: 

I hope you enjoy this newest novella! 

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