Monday, December 29, 2014


(Building the road behind our lot.)
(November 2005)
Today marks nine years since we moved into our first (and hopefully last) home. Building a home was something I never planned to do, but I'll admit it was nice to move into a place where there were no mystery stains, patched walls, etc.

(View from front yard after move in.)
This home has been good to us. All but one of our kids learned to walk here, they've all left on their first day of school from this home, they've all learned to ride their bikes in the driveway, and they've all played in the playhouse we spent almost an entire summer building. We've all laughed, cried, hurt, and healed here.

(View of home after move in.)
It might not be a mansion on a hill, but this is our home and there are countless memories etched into the walls. Oh, and the mystery stains on the carpet? They're all ours.

Inside playhouse (They're so young!)

Inside playhouse

Inside playhouse

As you can see, our garden, trees, and kids have all grown and thrived here. Here's to the next decade!

December 29, 2014  (9 Years since move in day) 

Spring Yard

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