Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Do YOU believe in ghosts? free polls 

I believe in ghosts. I think... 

I saw a ghost when I was a teenager. I think...

Here's the story: 

The day was bright and sunny. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I know I was a teenager. Fifteen, maybe? It was morning and I was in my kitchen making a piece of toast. My mom sat at our dining room table nearby, folding a basket of clean laundry. We chatted a little, but there wasn't a deep conversation going on. At one point, I glanced up at her...but she wasn't alone. There was a man standing behind her, right where the dining room meets a hallway. The man was maybe ten feet away. He didn't look hazy, or ghost-like. He was of average height, in good shape, and had dark hair. He was fully dressed in normal clothes. (Think polo shirt and khakis.)

Naturally, I gasped when I saw him. (Not a scream...a gasp.) I remember my mom looking up at me from her pile of clothes. In my shock and surprise, I dropped the knife I'd been using to butter my toast. The sound of the knife hitting the counter top caused me to look down for a brief second. When I looked back up, the man had vanished.

"What's wrong?" I remember my mom asking.

"I'm not sure," I answered.

I walked down the hall and looked in every room. There wasn't a man hiding under the beds or in the closets of any of the three bedrooms or two bathrooms down that hall. HE. JUST. VANISHED.

Was the man a ghost? Was he an angel? Was I hallucinating?

I can't answer any of those questions, but I know what I saw and I can still picture the man to this day. He doesn't resemble anyone I know, and I don't think he looks like any dead ancestors that I know of.

Just to clarify, I was not on any medication (legal or illegal), and I don't drink, nor did I as a teenager. I'll let you draw your own conclusions of what I saw that day, but as for me, I'm not ruling out the reality of ghosts.

I honestly wonder how many people out there believe in ghosts, whether they'll admit it out loud or not. Take the poll at the top of this blog post and then share it with your friends. Let's see what everyone really believes!

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