Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Little Bit of Culture

I'm not a person that can sit still for very long. I guess that's why I was in trouble in school a lot. A teacher once told my mom at a Parent/Teacher Conference that he could stick me in the corner and I'd talk to myself. Another teacher put my desk in the closet so that I could still hear her, but I couldn't distract anyone. Another teacher put my desk outside the window. That was probably deserved. (Okay, if I'm being honest, they were probably all deserved.)

If I'm sitting, I'm doing something with my hands. Tapping, biting my nails, touching things... As a child, I drove my mom crazy because I would shred my paper napkins into little pieces while waiting for everyone else to finish their dinner so I could leave the table. (Seriously?!? EAT FASTER!)

Because I like to stay busy, we're always off on new adventures. Recently, we re-visited the LDS Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. (They will be closing it soon for major renovations, so visit soon if you plan to!) There are the obligatory historical displays, but there is also a children's area where we spend most of our time. Children's museums can be expensive, but this one is absolutely freeYa can't beat free no matter how hard ya try.

I'm grateful for my middle son (B) who was willing to dress up and Latin dance with our 3-year-old (D) at one of the displays. The museum has life-size TV screens with dancers that teach you the moves. All the costumes are provided. Did I mention the museum is free?

I'm going to attempt to post a video to this blog for the first time. If it works, and my son finds out, I may have to buy his forgiveness. BUT, I'm confident that I can get away from him easier than someone else. Like my husband. If I were to post the pictures or videos of my husband dressed up (in the female dancer clothing--not the male kind, mind you) I might not live to see tomorrow.


  1. The PERFECT older brother!!!!! They looked like professional dancers! By the way, where can I buy the books you mentioned writing? I still have a copy of the first one you sent me on my computer because I don't dare delete it until I can get my hands an another, more permanent, copy. By the way, I remember you being put in the closet. I think that was the first class we ever had together. I wonder if "Taco" remembers the closet as well. ;)

    1. You're right. I think it was our first class together. I see "Taco's" sisters once in a while. I'll have to look him up.